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Salesloft is the #1 sales engagement platform, helping sales organizations deliver a better sales experience for their customers. More than 2,000 customers use the company’s category-leading sales engagement platform to engage in more relevant, authentic and sincere ways, including IBM, Shopify, Wayfair, Citrix, and Nielsen.

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How It Works

ZoomInfo’s Salesloft Connector allows you to update only blank values at the field or object level, or create your own custom configuration for mapping ZoomInfo data into Salesloft.

  • Build customizable, hyper-targeted lists in ZoomInfo and easily push details to Salesloft for effective, personalized engagement from your Sales and Marketing teams.
  • ZoomInfo’s Salesloft Connector eliminates manual data entry and research time, giving you more time to sell and market effectively.
  • ZoomInfo Chrome extension compatible.

Chorus integrates with Salesloft Dialer so you can leverage Chorus's functionality (automatic transcription, theme detection, commenting, and more!) for your team's cold calls.

This sync will allow Chorus to import your team's conversations through Salesloft Dialer. Once the integration is complete, Chorus will upload and analyze calls on an hourly basis. 

*To integrate Chorus with Salesloft Dialer you must be using Salesforce.
Features of Chorus


Chorus helps performance-driven revenue teams capture and analyze all customer calls, meetings, and emails to create visibility, drive process and behavior changes, and close more deals. Let Chorus’ AI guide your team to a better understanding of key conversations by highlighting key topics & themes such as next steps, pricing discussions, and objection handling.


Momentum by Chorus provides complete visibility to your overall pipeline and individual relationships across deals & accounts. Chorus will capture contacts and conversation insights from the field and automatically sync deal and Account data with your CRM & Marketing Automation.


Create playlists of “best of breed” interactions manually or let our AI-Generated smart playlists do the work for you. Use real-time notes to improve call efficiencies and hashtag important moments to curate playlist content during your live call.

Chorus’ proactive recommendations alerts managers with coaching and deal recommendations to focus their time where it matters most. Identify winning behaviors that up-level team skills, reduce new hire ramp time, and drive methodology adherence across your team.


Create custom reports and daily email alerts built from AI-based contextual trackers to stay on top of market trends, competitive intel, and product feedback. Elevate the voice of your customer by accessing key moments directly in the analytics dashboard.


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