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Empower your teams to unlock insights, engage customers, and win faster with plug-and-play and customizable integrations that bring best-in-class B2B intelligence directly to your tech stack.

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Salesforce is the world’s #1 customer relationship management (CRM) platform. We help your marketing, sales, commerce, service and IT teams work as one from anywhere — so you can keep your customers happy everywhere.

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Create your single source of truth

ZoomInfo is built to work with Salesforce simply and flawlessly— not only making life easier for the go-to-market teams in your organization, but helping them to be more efficient and effective. From native applications to ongoing lead enrichment, ZoomInfo provides comprehensive data-driven solutions that help maintain a consistent and up-to-date Salesforce ecosystem.

Plug the best data directly into Salesforce

See all of ZoomInfo’s data and intelligence right inside of Salesforce. Give time back to your sellers by removing the need to navigate between multiple platforms. 

  • See employee and company details, lookalike companies, org charts, and more
  • Identify discrepancies between SFDC and ZoomInfo records in real time, and update data
  • Build and save targeted account and contact lists, and then prioritize based on your ideal customer profile
  • Filter results on 200+ data points including employee, company, geographic, and technographic details

Continuously Enrich Salesforce Data

As businesses change, information housed in Salesforce gets stale. And it gets even worse when you’re sending Salesforce incomplete or inaccurate data from different activities and sources. With ZoomInfo, you can continuously enhance data quality and usefulness from the moment a record is created within Salesforce. Set it, forget it, and automatically capture, append, and standardize high-quality data on existing and new records.

Access to Salesforce Data in ZoomInfo with Filtering

Built for leadership and beloved by reps, ZoomInfo’s Salesforce filtering eliminates bottlenecks related to researching prospects and clients. Users can pull Account, Contact, Lead, and Opportunity objects from Salesforce, and use that data to filter while working in ZoomInfo.

  • Refine your searches based on account ownership, lead creation date, opportunity stage and other information housed in Salesforce.
  • Set up automated alerts that let your sales team know when accounts they own in Salesforce get new funding, announces a new project, or adds/drops something to their tech stack
  • Identify ZoomInfo records already in your SFDC
  • View object ownership and import date right within a ZoomInfo profile
  • Exclude opt outs from search

Easily import the most comprehensive B2B data to your single source of truth

Verified email addresses, direct-dial phone numbers, detailed job responsibilities, tech stacks, and more! With ZoomInfo’s Salesforce Connector, you can easily export the deepest intelligence on your leads, contacts, and companies. This powerful connector eliminates data entry and lots of research time - giving you more time to sell and market effectively using fresher, deeper data from ZoomInfo.