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Oracle Eloqua

Eloqua, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Oracle, is the leading provider of modern marketing automation and revenue performance management software that helps ensure every component of marketing works harder and more efficiently to drive revenue. Eloqua's software is now the centerpiece of the Oracle Marketing Cloud. Companies across a wide range of industries rely on Eloqua's cloud-based software, professional services and education programs to help them automate marketing processes across multiple channels, target and nurture prospects and deliver highly qualified leads at a lower cost to sales teams.

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How It Works

Maximize productivity, accelerate pipeline and reach the revenue potential you didn’t imagine possible by integrating ZoomInfo with Eloqua.

ZoomInfo allows you to find buyers based on your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP), advanced company attributes, and the most accurate contact information in B2B—all in one place. Identify your next customer using data-driven insights and buying signals that reveal companies that are ready to buy.

With ZoomInfo’s integration for Oracle Eloqua, you can:

  •   Fill in the blanks in your existing data, including prospects' direct phone numbers and email addresses
  •   Analyze your data to identify your best buyers and add new contacts matching those personas directly to Oracle Eloqua
  •   Search for prospects to add to campaigns and specify criteria such as job function, seniority, title, and more
  •   Shorten the time it takes to turn prospects into sales-ready leads

Automate Enrichment of Your Eloqua Database

With ZoomInfo Enrich for Eloqua, enriching information has never been easier. Enrich for Eloqua allows the information gathered from all your crucial data points, including web forms, sales, and list uploads, to be appended onto their original record.

  •   Infuse technographic data and company attributes into new leads and existing records.
  •   Automatically match and fill fields for leads, contacts, and accounts the instant it’s created.
  •   Maintain a consistent CRM environment by standardizing the information flowing into your Eloqua database

Quickly & Easily export ZoomInfo searches and audiences to Eloqua

  • Export new contacts and accounts from customizable, hyper-targeted lists in ZoomInfo for easy follow-up from your Sales and Marketing teams.
  • Segment contacts, personalize your campaigns, and qualify leads with ease.
  • Select entries in ZoomInfo and upload them individually or in bulk to your Eloqua account.
  • Identify and export records from any website with the ZoomInfo Chrome Extension.


  •   Reduce customer and prospect frustration.
  •   Remove friction from internal marketing operations workflows.
  •   Cut costs associated with contact-based pricing.
  •   Improve lead scoring and routing, which in turn makes for better prospect engagement, higher quality leads, and better conversion rates across marketing and sales efforts.
  •   Enable hyper-targeted segmentation efforts in marketing, sales, and advertising campaigns.
  •   Maintain email integrity and avoid emailing unverified addresses, which can result in email penalties or accounts being shut down