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Empower your teams to unlock insights, engage customers, and win faster with plug-and-play and customizable integrations that bring best-in-class B2B intelligence directly to your tech stack.

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Adobe Marketo Engage offers the leading Engagement Platform that empowers marketers to build brand value, grow revenue, and prove impact. Consistently recognized as the industry’s innovation pioneer, Adobe Marketo Engage is the trusted platform for thousands of CMOs thanks to its scalability, reliability, and openness.

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How It Works

Identify your ideal customer profile and up-level your Marketo database with ZoomInfo .

Combine best-in-class company and contact insights and advanced go-to-market capabilities with your organization's sales records and business-specific data.

From ultra-targeted prospecting to native application access to continuous lead enrichment, integrating Marketo with ZoomInfo arms sellers with the coordinated account and contact insights they need, when and where they need them, to close business fast.

Automate Enrichment of Your Marketo Database

With ZoomInfo Enrich for Marketo, enriching information has never been easier. Enrich for Marketo allows the information gathered from all your crucial data points, including web forms, sales, and list uploads, to be appended onto their original record.

  •   Infuse technographic data and company attributes into new leads and existing records.
  •   Automatically match and fill fields for leads, contacts, and accounts the instant it’s created.
  •   Maintain a consistent CRM environment by standardizing the information flowing into your Marketo database

Easily import new leads and accounts from the most comprehensive B2B database

  •   Build customizable, hyper-targeted lists in ZoomInfo and easily push details to Marketo for easy follow-up from your Sales and Marketing teams.
  •   Select entries in ZoomInfo and upload them individually or in bulk to your Marketo account.
  •   Segment and personalize your campaigns and qualify leads without even breaking a sweat using ZoomInfo’s Marketo Connector.
  •   Identify and export records from any website with the ZoomInfo Chrome Extension.

Filter searches and build lists using your Marketo data within ZoomInfo

When you use Marketo filters, you are able to see Lead data right within ZoomInfo. Your team will be able to use key data points such as unsubscribed opt-outs, lead ownership, and more.
  •   Filter your search results by Lead Owner, Lead Type, or Lead Status.
  •   Exclude Unsubscribed Contacts from Search Results.
  •   Set up automatic alerts when a Marketo account that you own gets new funding, announces a new project, and more!
  •   Identify ZoomInfo records that are already in your Marketo database.

Continuously clean and maintain high quality data in Marketo.

The ZoomInfo Operations orchestrates Marketo and CRM processes like managing duplicates, data scoring, segmentation, enrichment, and much more - empowering GTM teams to find the right customers and convert them faster.

  • Quickly and easily merge duplicates based on your needs to improve Marketo reporting, analytics, and accessibility.
  • Customize audience segments by vertical, persona, buyer stage and any mix of other criteria.
  • Enrich, validate, and dedupe every lead from your Marketo forms in real-time.


  •   Reduce customer and prospect frustration.
  •   Remove friction from internal marketing operations workflows.
  •   Cut costs associated with contact-based pricing.
  •   Improve lead scoring and routing, which in turn makes for better prospect engagement, higher quality leads, and better conversion rates across marketing and sales efforts.
  •   Enable hyper-targeted segmentation efforts in marketing, sales, and advertising campaigns.
  •   Maintain email integrity and avoid emailing unverified addresses, which can result in email penalties or accounts being shut down
  • Multi-vendor data enrichment