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Know Exactly Who is in Market. Drive Revenue with Intent. G2 is the world’s largest software marketplace, and over 80M in-market buyers come to G2 every year to research their next software purchase. G2 Buyer Intent customers are able to see which accounts are conducting this research, what kind of research, and when. G2 Intent signals represent when buyers are showing low-to-high levels of interest, and are researching competitors, comparing a solution to alternatives, discovering specific products, and categories


How It Works

Access G2 Intent Data within the World’s best B2B Database to prioritize, find, and target your most valuable buyers when they are most likely to convert.

Over 80M in-market buyers come to G2 every year to research their next software purchase - G2’s buyer intent product captures these behaviors and allows G2 customers to see which accounts are conducting this research, what kind of research, and when.

By integrating G2 Buyer Intent with ZoomInfo, you can leverage G2 Intent data right inside ZoomInfo Sales and search for companies researching pages relevant to you on G2.com, including your software Category, Comparisons, Competitors and Alternatives.

In conjunction with ZoomInfo’s best in-Class B2B database and buying signals, this powerful integration allows your team to power the most effectives sales motions towards your best fit Accounts when they are most likely to convert.

Audience building and targeting in ZoomInfo Sales Advanced Search

Identify and Prioritize the Right Accounts at the Right Time (Fit + Intent)

  •   Use G2 Intent filters to search and target the Accounts that are in market right now and primed for outreach. Filter searches by granular intent signals that reveal companies searching your Category, Comparisons, Competitors and Alternatives, Sponsored Content Impressions, and more.
  •   Leverage ZoomInfo Company data to Identify your Best Fit Accounts and Total Addressable Market based on key demographic and technographic account characteristics.

Analyze G2 Intent on Company Profiles

Get the Full Picture

Navigate to the G2 Tab on a ZoomInfo Company records to drill down into what products and solutions an Account is actively interested in. See intent signals by date, visit type, visitor location/geography, and more.

G2 Intent + Contact Search

Find the Right People

Match the accounts actively researching you on G2 with suggested contacts from ZoomInfo. Use additional filters like job title and geography to ensure your outreach goes to your target persona.

  •   After narrowing down your Account audience with G2 and ZoomInfo Account-based filters, leverage ZoomInfo’s Contact data and Company Org Chart Intelligence to identify and engage your buying committee
  •   ZoomInfo’s database of 130+ million contacts provides intelligence into department org charts, decision makers’ direct dials and business emails, and more.

G2 Intent + ZoomInfo Intent + WebSights + First Party Data

Track Engagement at Every Stage of The Funnel

ZoomInfo Sales allows your team to leverage both first and third party buying signals. Leverage:

  • ZoomInfo’s top-of-funnel intent data allows your team to engage buyers based on top of the funnel web-related searches.
  • G2’s mid-to-bottom of the funnel intent signals identify when your best fit Accounts are actively researching your profile and competitors, indicating that they are close to making a buying decision.
  • ZoomInfo WebSights identifies, de-anonymizes, and provides insight into unique site visitors from your best-fit Accounts visiting your website.
  • Integrated first-party CRM behavioral data allows you to refine your Advertising audiences using CRM data points such as Contact Status, Opportunity Stage, and more.