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Bullhorn is considered a home base for your recruitment team. The applicant tracking system (ATS) helps you manage your entire recruitment process end-to-end, and also acts as a central hub for the rest of your tech stack.

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How It Works

Integrate Bullhorn with ZoomInfo Talent to better leverage candidate data from ZoomInfo Talent and export candidates directly into Bullhorn as a Candidate, Lead, or to a public or private Tearsheet. For recruiters performing business development activities, you can export candidate data into Bullhorn and attach it to an account. Additionally, you can export contacts into Bullhorn and assign them to a company 

if you use Bullhorn for business development and as a Sales CRM, your team can:
  • easily streamline the sourcing and business development process
  • spend less time manually importing candidate information into an ATS
  • spend more time focused on sourcing talent, connecting with candidates, and improving the recruiting or business development process

Features of ZoomInfo Talent that Bullhorn Customers can Leverage

ZoomInfo Chrome Extension
Leverage our Chrome Extension on LinkedIn and LinkedIn Recruiter to quickly view candidate information. Filter candidates, apply a Tag to use in ZoomInfo Talent, or export candidates to Bullhorn as a Candidate, Contact, Lead or add to a private or public Tearsheet

Org Charts
You can sort organization charts by department, team, job function, and more across customized views to narrow down a search within an organization.

Create a Project for each open role to organize talent pools and source candidates from LinkedIn via our Reachout Chrome extension

Likely to Listen
Apply data to find passive candidates when you apply the Likely to Listen filter to a search. The filter finds candidates more likely to be open to a recruiter’s outreach due to time in their current role, time spent at an organization, and company-related changes."