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Empower your teams to unlock insights, engage customers, and win faster with plug-and-play and customizable integrations that bring best-in-class B2B intelligence directly to your tech stack.

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ZoomInfo and AWS deliver a highly scalable and reliable GTM foundation that helps B2B teams focus on what matters most: fast, accurate insights that make going to market easier and more profitable.

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How It Works

Win faster with centralized GTM insights at scale

The power of accurate and comprehensive commercial B2B data cannot be overstated, as it is the foundation for success in today’s fast-paced business landscape. Which is why ZoomInfo and AWS have partnered to streamline delivery of ZoomInfo’s Data Cubes into Amazon S3, enabling organizations to leverage holistic account intelligence to power GTM motions directly in the systems where they work.

With unlimited access to ZoomInfo Data Cubes in Amazon S3, you can build a reliable go-to-market data foundation to analyze, predict, and engage with the right accounts to drive revenue. Eliminate resource-intensive B2B data ingestion processes with the cloud-based modern alternative to data shares, combine ZoomInfo’s premium B2B data and powerful data processing capabilities with your AWS assets and get GTM insights without the wait.

The combined powerhouse of ZoomInfo and AWS saves time across teams, reduces the data silos between them, and gives sales and marketing a competitive edge with actionable insights — delivered within minutes.

Key Benefits

Accelerate accurate and comprehensive go-to-market insights

Seamlessly access ZoomInfo B2B data directly in Amazon S3 instances to securely integrate the world’s best B2B data into AWS data workflows.

Meet every B2B go-to-market data need

Leverage comprehensive pre-built datasets or work with ZoomInfo’s Data Services team to create custom datasets that match unique needs.

Build a reliable go-to-market data foundation

Infuse ZoomInfo data into existing AWS data workflows to drive insights at scale leveraging the full suite of AWS data and analytics services powered by AWS’s industry-leading scalability, availability and performance."